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Age 38

6 Sep 2022
Pando, Canelones (Uruguay)

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Salomé died in hospital after being stabbed in the chest by her partner. He has been arrested.

A trans woman was murdered in the early hours of this Tuesday in Pando, department of Canelones. She suffered a stab wound and before she died she accused her partner of being the perpetrator of the attack.

The victim's name was Salomé, she was 38 years old, and after the attack she was taken to a health center with a stab wound to the chest. She died hours later.

The case is being investigated by the 3rd Shift Pando Prosecutor 's Office, led by Gabriela Yanieri, who must determine if it is a transfemicide. The alleged aggressor, a man nicknamed "El Bola", was arrested on Tuesday afternoon and is available to the prosecution.

After learning about Salomé's murder, El Colectivo Trans del Uruguay (CTU) issued a statement stating that it was a transfemicide and calling for "real and applicable public policies that guarantee our security." In addition, from the CTU they denounced that a media outlet "disrespected the gender identity" of the victim by treating her as "male" in the coverage of a newspaper article that recorded the murder. "The press is murdering again," they expressed, demanding reparation and that the identity of the victim be corrected.

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