TDoR 2022 / 2022 / September / 11 / Bobby Melon

Bobby Melon

Age 24 (born 15 Feb 1998)

11 Sep 2022
Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine (France)

Bobby Melon
Bobby Melon [photo: email]

Bobby's body was found on Sunday 11th September - two days after he had disappeared.

Bobby Melon was 24 years old. I met him when we were both 16 years old, I always knew him struggling with his mental health. He left school at 16 because of bullying, was essentially hanging around with a guitar. He tried multiple time to get help to get a job, starting studies again or get an handicapped fund from the state, but he never really got help from any associations in France. Instead, he got tricked multiple times in fake jobs or toxic relationships. He did sex work and was assaulted. Was constantly misgendered by public organisations. During the COVID time, after a few suicidal attempt, he tried to get in a psychiatric hospital, had to cut himself in the waiting room to finally be taken seriously. But after a few weeks there, he didn't got any following therapy, and didn't had money to get a private clinic. He couldn't get the mamectomy he wanted either, waited for years on a public waiting list without any answers. He tried to live out of his parents place a few times, but could never afford an appartment, we lived together a few times in queer squat and collocations. However, he was a very kind and understanding individual, talking very few about himself, always listening, helping whoever he could. Playing in some bands, he was very talented. From what I know, before his death, he said to some people close to him that he was struggling with money a lot. 3 days after his body was found, his family received a letter saying that after 2 years of waiting, he was finally allowed to get the french handicap fund.

We contacted the police when he disappeared the 9 september, and they found his body the 11 in a pretty far and hidden part of a park, by locating his phone. We learned the news, but couldn't get any informations about the funerals or anything, his family, in suffering, didn't told us anything until very late. Only 4-5 of his queer friends, including me, were allowed to the funerals. I couldn't see his body, but apparently, he was shaved and had feminine makeup on, putted by the people who were preparing his body. We couldn't get any objects or souvenirs from him because of his parents. However, his mom insisted to remove the "Miss" next to his name and burried him with his neutral birth name that he didn't hated too much, Ayeka Foin, even if we always knew him as Bobby.

He wanted to travel. He wanted to get married. Have kids. He was writing songs that he never showed. He wanted his family to understand him. He wanted to have his freedom. But he couldn't.

Source: email

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