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Susana Villarreal ("Susy")

Age 53

14 Sep 2022
Durango (Mexico)

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Susana Villarreal ("Susy")
Susana Villarreal ("Susy") [photo:]

Susy was killed in her bed. She was a well known member of her community who had acted in the Netflix series "Somos".

This Wednesday, September 14, Durango's Susana Villarreal, who participated as an actress in the Netflix series Somos, was found dead, according to various LGBT+ groups and activists in the city of Durango.

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) announced that the woman was 53 years old and lived in the Tierra Blanca neighborhood, located south of the city of Durango. Her body was found inside a dwelling and at first glance appeared to have wounds caused by a knife. The state agency indicates that it was approximately at 12:20 pm this Wednesday, when the body was found. The authorities found out through a report to the C-5.

After the emergency call, the elements of the various security groups came and after entering inside a dwelling they found the body , which had a puncture wound in the neck. The Public Ministry (MP) ordered it be transfered to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), where the doctors performed the autopsy. At the time of publication of this edition they had not determined the cause of death.

While in a statement published on her social networks, the Duranguense activist, Alejandra Roldán, confirmed the death of the actress and asked the media not to speculate about her death, for which she asked to wait for official information from the authorities. "We also ask the corresponding authorities to open a line of investigation as a "hate crime" or "transfeminicide". Susy will always be a great woman and activist. The Great Susy rests in peace ," concludes Roldán's statement.

"Susy", as they affectionately called her, was a trans woman who owned a dwelling in the city of Durango. Thanks to one of her friends she found out about the casting for the Netflix series Somos, which was specifically aimed at the LGBT+ community in the entity.

The six-part miniseries tells the story of the massacre that occurred in Allende, Coahuila, in 2011 at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. Where several people from Durango gave a voice to the victims, people who put aside their daily lives and went to a casting to be part of "Somos."

Her friend encouraged Susana to go to the audition, but she never imagined that she would be selected. It was precisely her naturalness that earned her the role of "Madame", Allende's madrota , a character to whom it was not difficult to adapt since during a time of her life she worked in a bar where a quite similar environment was lived, to the pair that lived with [sex workers] and drunkards, he said in an exclusive interview for El Sol de Durango.

Her participation marked an important guideline in the LGBT+ community of Durango, since as a trans woman, Susana assured that there are more and more opportunities in various work fields , "in my time you struggled to get any job due to social stigmas and currently the opportunity is for everyone regardless of sex, gender or sexual preference” , he recalled with a smile on his face.

"In my time, people struggled to get any job due to social stigmas, and today the opportunity is open to everyone regardless of sex, gender, or sexual preference," she recalled with a smile on his face.

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