TDoR 2022 / 2022 / September / 28 / Rauany


Age 24

28 Sep 2022
Caldas Brandão, Paraíba (Brazil)

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Rauany died after being shot by the occupants of a passing vehicle while she was walking alongside the BR-230 highway with another trans woman. The other woman survived the attack.

Two transgender women were shot at this Wednesday (28), on the banks of the BR-230, in the municipality of Caldas Brandão, in Paraíba. They were walking in the district of Cajá, when a vehicle passed and the occupants shot. One of them was hit and died on the spot.

Deputy Felipe Castelar gave some initial details about the crime. "They were walking along the highway when other people in a vehicle passed and fired a gun. The victims were two transgender people, one of them died and the other survived," he said.

According to the information gathered by the delegate with the survivor of the attack, they are from João Pessoa and spent a few days in the district of Cajá, where they got involved in a disagreement. "They were in a residence in the district of Cajá spending the week and returned to João Pessoa. During that break, that week when they were in Cajá, they had an argument with some people from the region. The survivor believes that these people may have fired the shots. ", said.

Despite the testimony collected, the delegate said that everything is still very preliminary and should intensify the investigations.

"We are still at the beginning, collecting the first information. I will still formalize the hearing of the surviving victim to detail this information and continue with the investigative work to investigate this homicide", he concluded.

Report added: 30 Sep 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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