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Isabella Álvarez ("Bella")

29 Sep 2022
León, Guanajuato (Mexico)

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Isabella Álvarez ("Bella")
Isabella Álvarez ("Bella") [photo:]

Isabella's body was found inside her apartment with a cable wrapped around her neck. Her apartment was in a state of disarray and may have been robbed.

León, Guanajuato - Isabella Álvarez, a transsexual girl, was found dead and with traces of violence inside her apartment in the Central Zone , one street from the Expiatory Temple. Neighbors of the apartment building with a white and green facade, marked with the number 116 José Alvarado, co-workers and relatives were the ones who located the body.

According to the first versions, Isabella worked in a parcel company and since Tuesday she did not show up for her work; Co-workers and family members of hers have since lost contact with her.

For this reason, they decided to look for her in her apartment, number 301 on the third floor of the building, located between Pedro Moreno and Francisco I. Madero streets. When they entered, they found her with signs of violence, apparently with a cable tied around her neck and with her nails detached , so it is presumed that she tried to defend herself from her aggressor, about whom no information is known.

It was around 2 in the afternoon yesterday when the first reports were received to 911 about the event. Police and paramedics were mobilized to the scene, who certified Isabella's death, although authorities did not confirm if she had, in addition to blows, injuries with some type of weapon.

Although the apartment was supposedly messy, it was not confirmed if Isabella's belongings were missing; and despite the fact that the plates were not forced, the motive for the crime has not been determined by the authorities.

The place was guarded by police and members of the National Guard while agents from the State Prosecutor's Office carried out the investigation work and then took the body to the Forensic Medical Service for an autopsy.

Isabella's friends knew her as Bella. At the time she was murdered she had just received identity documents in her true name. Isabella

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