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Juraj Vankulic

Age 27

12 Oct 2022
Bratislava (Slovakia)

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Juraj Vankulic
Juraj Vankulic [photo:]

Juraj was shot in the Bratislava bar shooting. Their 19-year-old attacker then turned the gun on hmself.

Juraj Vankulic was 27, non-binary, from Žilina in the northwest of the country and had been working as a visual merchandiser for a famous fashion brand for more than five years.

On Wednesday evening, Juraj K. was waiting in front of the Tepláren. He executed Matúš Horváth and Juraj Vankulic in cold blood with his father’s pistol and seriously injured a young woman.

It was reported that the attacker had been radicalised by far-right propaganda and had been spendiing time on hate boards such as 4chan and 8chan, and his father was a candidate for a neo-fascist party in the Slovak parliament.

Juraj K. was 19 years old and attended an elite school for talented students in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. His English was accent-free and he took part in many class competitions.

But in the last two or three years, the teachers have noticed that the lonely boy has changed, as is now being described. He reacted aggressively to criticism, he had few friends, and instead of spending time with his peers, he was spending more and more time on the unregulated discussion forums 4chan, 8chan and Telegram. The relaxed rules enable right-wing extremists to exchange ideas and disseminate particularly radical and misanthropic content.

The teachers tried to get in touch with Juraj’s parents several times and offered help and psychological counselling, without success. No wonder, since Juraj’s father was a candidate for the Slovak parliament on the list of the neo-fascist party Vlast (Homeland), and several family members regularly shared far-right messages on social media.

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