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Name Unknown

15 Nov 2022
Tamazula de Gordiano, Jalisco (Mexico)
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Name Unknown

The victim was found dead in a house in the centre of Tamazula de Gordiano. A suspect has been arrested.

The State Prosecutor's Office are investigating a femicide that occurred yesterday in the municipality of Tamazula de Gordiano under the femicide protocol with a gender perspective.

The investigation comes after a report that elements of the municipal police went to a house located on the Independencia 533 highway in the Cardenal neighborhood, where the veracity of the report was confirmed, as a result of which they requested the command and conduction of agents of the State Prosecutor's Office. The officers cordoned off the area to preserve the scene and began inquiries, during which it was noticed that the woman who was found on a bed in a room with injuries to her body.

A man was also located in the place who was transferred to receive medical attention since he apparently ingested ammonia, like the woman. This person is under investigation. The body was transferred to the amphitheater of the region for the practice of the autopsy and other expert opinions that will determine the cause of death.

Report added: 4 Dec 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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