TDoR 2023 / 2022 / November / 27 / Ana Paula dos Santos

Ana Paula dos Santos

Age 32

27 Nov 2022
Jaciara, Mato Grosso (Brazil)
Beaten and stabbed

Ana Paula dos Santos
Ana Paula dos Santos [photo:]

Ana's body was found in her home on 27th November.

A [trans woman] identified as Ana Paula dos Santos was found dead on Sunday afternoon (27), at her residence on Avenida Botocudos, in Jaciara-MT.

The victim was found in the back of the property, with six stab wounds to the face, arm and chest. She also had a crushed skull. Beside her, there was a knife and a piece of concrete, which were possibly used in the crime.

The Military Police observed that the door of the victim's house had been broken into and traces of blood were observed inside the house, apparently the crime took place inside one of the rooms, where another knife was found.

Several people who know the victim reported that she lived in the house with a couple and that she was seen alive the night before, at around 10 pm, while getting ready to go out.

Report added: 10 Dec 2022. Last updated: 24 Dec 2022

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