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15 Jan 2023
New Delhi (India)

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Pinki was found with her throat slit in West Delhi's Rajouri Garden on Sunday 15th January. Police arrested three suspects.

A senior officer claimed that Bharat Chawla, another transgender [person] living nearby who had a personal grudge towards Pinki, hired three individuals, including a 17-year-old to kill the victim, reports Indiatoday.

The three suspects allegedly intercepted Pinki on Jan. 15 and repeatedly stabbed [her]. Apart from a minor who has been held, the accused have been named as Krishan, 26, and Vikki, 22, both of whom have been arrested. They are all Sonipat residents. According to the authorities, Chawla was also detained.

They claimed that Bharat Chawla used to sing and dance at birth and wedding celebrations in the Punjabi Bagh neighborhood in order to make money. In the same location, Pinki also performed, to which Chawla had taken offense. In their argument over the matter, Pinki is said to have 'insulted' Chawla.

Then, Chawla devised a plot to exact revenge on Pinki and offered Vicky, Krishan, and Pradeep Rs 50,000 in exchange for carrying out Pinki's murder, reports Indiatoday.

Bharat offered his car to the other three on January 13 in accordance with their arrangement. Around 11:30 p.m., Vicky and Krishan encountered Pinki near the roundabout in Punjabi Bagh. They brought Pinki to a location and offered her milk spiked with drugs.

The three suspects allegedly began assaulting Pinki with bamboo sticks and other sharp objects when she became unconscious. She died on the spot, and Krishan snapped a picture of her body. Then, all three fled the area and headed to Bharat's home. In addition to giving him the tools and the vehicle they used to conduct the murder, they also showed him the photo as evidence of Pinki's demise.

Then, allegedly, Bharat paid them Rs. 45,000 for carrying out the crime. The car and the firearms have since been found by police, who are now looking into the incident more thoroughly.

Report added: 22 Jan 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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