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Aurora Claire Stark

Age 42

16 Jan 2023
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Aurora Claire Stark
Aurora Claire Stark [photo:]

Aurora died by suicide. She was a staunch advocate for all trans people who was well known in her community for her efforts.

It is with incredible sadness that we announce the passing of Aurora Claire Stark (42), of K’jipuktuk (Halifax), on February 16, 2023.

Aurora was born December 30, 1980. The eldest sibling, she was a happy, sweet and a spoiled child. She spent her high school days as the singular goth scene in her small town of Liverpool where she was born and raised.

Aurora has touched many lives. She was a tireless activist for the queer, trans and disabled communities. Using her razor wit and boundless compassion, she endeavored to help forge a vision of a better world. She offered space when she had so little, money when she had even less, and always her love, of which she never seemed to run out. She was relentlessly committed to growing and healing, in her journey to love herself and others.

Farewell to you bright, gentle, amazing woman. For you we live on.

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