TDoR 2023 / 2023 / January / 17 / Denisse Cabaly

Denisse Cabaly

Age 29

17 Jan 2023
Veracruz (Mexico)

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Denisse Cabaly
Denisse Cabaly [photo:]

Denisse was found by passers-by severely beaten with grave injuries. Rescue workers transferred her to the hospital, but she died soon after arrival.

The young trans woman Denisse Cerón Mendoza, alias Denisse Cabaly, was beaten to death in the market area of ​​the city of Veracruz. It is a lonely area, associated with crime. According to her witnesses, two subjects viciously beat her until she was unconscious. Denisse, who was 29 years old, was transferred to the Veracruz High Specialty Hospital where she died from her injuries. Nobody intervened.

Denisse was passing through the city and she was afraid for her life, after witnessing the murder of her roommate Alaska in Tlapacoyan in 2018.

Denisse was originally from Las Libres (Puebla) and had lived in Teziutlán (Puebla) since the murder of Alaska. She survived doing sex work and also provided community services.

The activist Jazz Bustamante told Presentes that at some point Denisse went to ask her for help because she was afraid.

"She was a very attentive, helpful, empathetic person and I think it should be noted that she asked me for help on one occasion, I summoned her to my lawyer's office (...) she said that she was afraid because she had been one of the witnesses that the Prosecutor's Office called because she lived with Alaska Contreras (…) she was upset, with a lot of fear and a certain paranoia, you asked her about the murder of Alaska and she was upset because she said that her murderer was free,” said Bustamante.

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