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Ale Castillo Limache

24 Jan 2023
Camaná, Arequipa (Peru)

Ale Castillo Limache
Ale Castillo Limache [photo:]

Ale's body was found in a hotel on Tuesday 24th January. She may have been killed around two days earlier.

In less than a week, the country registered two hate crimes that were made invisible by the protests against the administration of Dina Boluarte and the institutional crisis, while the Executive and Legislative branches review the bill that proposes advancing the general elections to April 2024 .

More Equality reported that the cases occurred in Moche (La Libertad) and in Camaná (Arequipa). The victims, two trans women, were identified as Erika Quintana Ávalos, whose body was burned in a car three days ago, and Ale Castillo Limache, whose remains were located this Tuesday in a hostel in the "white city."

Érika 's hate crime is the one with the most clues, as the National Police (PNP) is investigating three suspects, including the taxi driver, who is unlocatable, reported Sol TV. Meanwhile, Ale's relatives asked for justice outside the morgue, according to images shared by Camaná Go.

“The State continues to violate the rights of people and trampling on the identities of our compañeras. Hate crimes exist and they have to have specific penalties to reach justice," the feminist organization remarked.

The pronouncement comes amid the demonstrations for the resignation of Boluarte , which have so far left 56 dead, including a policeman, after six weeks of political and social crisis marked by roadblocks and protests in different parts of the country.

I am the sister of Ale Castillo Limache, she belongs to the LGTB+ community and was murdered on January 22 of this year in Camaná.

She was found two days later in a hotel in Camaná on January 24 at around 7:00 p.m. and at that time we were just notified, my older sister went to identify the body, but they had already taken it as NN to Arequipa, Her body was handed over to us on Thursday the 26th. We were able to watch over her and bury her the next day.

We don't know the subject's name, but the hotel cameras captured his face and it would help us a lot by sharing to find his whereabouts and thus pay for what he did to my sister.

Ale's Facebook profile is

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