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Vera Lúcia Lopes Siqueira ("Julia Cristina")

Age 27-29

25 Jan 2023
Norte de Minas, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Vera Lúcia Lopes Siqueira ("Julia Cristina")
Vera Lúcia Lopes Siqueira ("Julia Cristina") [photo:]

Vera was found dead in the street. She may have been killed by a client.

A 29-year-old transsexual woman was found dead early this Wednesday (25th), with gunshot marks in Vila NH2, Projeto Jaíba.

According to the Military Police, the team was called in the morning by an employee of a funeral home, reporting that the body of Vera Lúcia Lopes Siqueira had been found on Rua do Dreno. Upon arriving at the scene, the military found that the victim was dead, lying on the ground.

According to information passed on by witnesses, the victim had gone to the place to receive payment for a sexual program that she had done previously and, as soon as she arrived, she was shot. According to information gathered by the PM, the suspicion is that the motive for the crime may be related to drug use. However, the Civil Police will still investigate what may have motivated the crime.

The victim's mother confirmed to the police that her daughter was a drug user and a sex worker. She reported that she had arrived home around 3:00 am, with one person in a car, and then left again. In the morning, she learned that her daughter's body had been found.

Civil Police expertise found that the victim's body had two gunshot wounds, one on the neck and the other on the back. Police also reported that security cameras around the site will be analyzed in order to identify the author of the crime. Neighbors said they didn't hear any movement that night. The suspect has not yet been located.,1449385/mulher-trans-e-assassinada-a-tiros-no-norte-de-minas.shtml

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