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Camila Azul Vargas

Age 25

10 Feb 2023
Babahoyo, Los Rios (Ecuador)

Camila Azul Vargas
Camila Azul Vargas [photo:]

Camila was executed in the street by organised criminals.

PRESS RELEASE: 1st transfemicide (bullet impact to head) occurred in Babahoyo, Los Rios Province, Ecuador.

The Trans Psycho Center of Quito of the Silhouette X Association, members of the National Platform "New Red Trans Ecuador" (which covers with its collectives the rural, community and the peripheries), the GLBTI Observatory, and the National Federation of LGBT Organizations, bring to public the following fact.

25-year-old Camila Azul Vargas is the first victim of transfemicide due to organized crime that occurred in this second month of 2023. The aforementioned companion was killed by a bullet direct impact to the head in sicariat style, on calles Calderon and 5to Callejón of cantón fluvial Babahoyo. The National Police showed up at the scene for body lifting and ballistic reconnaissance. So far the information on his case is withheld.

For all the described we call on the Attorney General of the State, Diana Salazar, the Police Commander, Carlos Cabrera, Undersecretary of Diversity Alexander Guano, the Ombudsman of the People of Ecuador (e), Cesar Cordoba Valverde, to make the necessary coordinations to deal with the or the perpetrators, of this fact that envelops our community.

The Runa Sipiy Report of the Silhouette X Association, on transfemicides, unexplained violent deaths or suspected crime, records this case as the first of this 2023, against our LGBT+ populations nationwide. During 2022, we close out our report we raised since 2012, with nearly 25 LGBT+ murders, transfemicides, unexplained violent deaths or suspected crime.

Report added: 17 Feb 2023

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