TDoR 2023 / 2023 / February / 19 / Katia


Age 47

19 Feb 2023
Soledad, Atlántico (Colombia)

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Katia was killed by hitmen.

February 19, 2023 . In the middle of the celebration of Carnival Saturday, Katia, a 47-year-old trans woman who was dedicated to fixing nails and hair at home in different neighborhoods, was murdered. The events occurred on Calle 72 with carrera 16 A, Los Cedros neighborhood, when Katia was approached by hitmen who shot and hit her at least three times, causing fatal injuries. In an interview for the Ground Zero media, a relative of the victim stated that “We do not know if the crime is due to discrimination or hated for her condition, but we want justice to be done. She was a cheerful person and very popular in the neighborhood .

This unfortunate fact constitutes the second murder of a trans woman in Atlanticó in 2023. Let us remember that during the night of the LGBTIQ+ Guacherna, on February 11, 2023, La Pájara was murdered with two stab wounds and eight shots in the Las Malvinas neighborhood. With these, there are four murders of LGBTIQ+ people in the department of Atlántico in 2023. This should set off an alarm for the authorities, since in the entire first half of 2022 there were two homicides of LGBTIQ+ people in the department, with a total seven in the whole year. This year, in just a month and a half, more than half of the murders of the entire year 2022 have been recorded.

It is also important to take into account that the increase in violence has been exponential at the end and beginning of each year, since in the Atlantic three gay men were murdered at the end of the previous year in episodes marked by violence and cruelty. This pattern seems to continue in 2023 and must be taken into account by the Prosecutor's Office in the investigation of the facts. In addition, the entity must resort to the Guide to good practices in cases of violence against LGBTIQ+ people, taking into account the possibility that the murders of Katia and La Pájara may have been motivated by prejudice towards their gender identity.

From Caribe Afirmativo we request effective measures to protect the lives of LGBTIQ+ people from the Soledad Mayor's Office. We also reiterate the need for a table for urgent cases agreed by the Ombudsman's Office, with the participation of the Sectional Director of the Prosecutor's Office in the Atlantic, the department's women's delegate, representatives of the Judicial Police, Legal Medicine, local authorities and organizations of civil society to evaluate the progress of cases and create strategies for the prevention of violence.

Report added: 23 Feb 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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