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Caitlyn Éowyn Earhart ("Cait")

Age 19

1 Mar 2023
St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

Caitlyn Éowyn Earhart ("Cait")
Caitlyn Éowyn Earhart ("Cait") [photo:]

Caitlyn died by suicide. Reportedly her family did not accept her identity.

21 days ago, I lost a friend. A sister. An intelligent, graceful being who graced this Earth, but the world was so unkind to her. May Cait Éowyn Earhart rest in peace. (2003-2023)

If you're ever struggling with mental health, there are resources out there:

It's a scary time to be a Trans Woman in this era. But we must look out for each other and hold our heads high. Be there for one another so a tragedy like this may not happen again.

I'll miss your soft voice, your positive outlook at the world. You always said, "Today is the greatest day of my life." I'll carry your soul with the rest of my life.

Caitlyn's Facebook profile is

As her profile has been wiped by her family very little is known about Caitlyn, but she seems to have been into Marvel and Lord of the Rings.

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