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Juana Mena Hernández

Age 23

7 Mar 2023
Masaya (Nicaragua)

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Juana Mena Hernández
Juana Mena Hernández [photo:]

Juana died after being beaten by her partner.

The [LGBT+ community member] [deadname] Mena Hernández, 23 years old, died early Tuesday morning due to serious injuries she suffered on Monday when she was brutally beaten by her romantic partner Sidar Murillo, 34 years old, in the city of Masaya.

Roberto Mena reported that his [daughter] was having his drinks with Sidar in the Las 7 Esquinas neighborhood when they began to argue and a fight broke out, during which [deadname] was savagely attacked and then thrown against the wall, suffering multiple blows and a wound to the skull.

After the savage beating [deadname] managed to get up and went to her home in the San Juan neighborhood, where she went to bed, however at midnight she woke up with nausea and vomiting blood, dying early Tuesday morning.

After the young [woman]'s death, her family filed a complaint with the police, who took the body to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Managua, where forensic experts determined that she died from severe head trauma and other serious injuries.

Likewise, the Police arrested the subject Sidar Murillo to answer for the murder of [deadname] Mena Hernández, affectionately known as “La Juana”.

Report added: 2 Nov 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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