TDoR 2023 / 2023 / March / 17 / Camila La Crespa

Camila La Crespa

Age 44

17 Mar 2023
Neiva, Huila (Colombia)

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Camila La Crespa
Camila La Crespa [photo:]

Camila was stabbed in the back by a minor who objected to her smoking marijuana near her home.

An act of social intolerance would have caused a confrontation between a minor under 17 years of age and the deceased today, who was stabbed at shoulder height. The crime occurred in the Obrero neighborhood, Siete commune in the city of Neiva.

According to known information known, the homicide was recorded at around 10:40 in the morning yesterday, in the vicinity of a dry stream that flows through the aforementioned neighborhood. There was a fight between the perpetrator who came to claim 26-year-old "Camila La Crespa" because she was supposedly smoking marijuana near her house.

Apparently, the smell of the drug bothered the executioner who, after approaching the transsexual woman, attacked her with a knife, wounding her in the suprascapular region.

“The community called the Police saying that there was a person who had passed out convulsing in the Obrero neighborhood, so the units moved to the place and provided first aid to the citizen, who was transferred to the Hernando Moncaleano Perdomo de Neiva University Hospital, where she arrived without vital signs," confirmed a police source.

It is worth mentioning that the [victim] died as a result of not going to a care center in a timely manner. According to the information related to the case, the victim, after being injured, stayed in the place without asking for help due to drowsiness caused by the drug. The doctors stressed that, if she had been treated in time, they could have saved her life, however, her lungs filled with blood and she suffocated.

Report added: 19 Mar 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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