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Maria Fernanda Hilton

Age 32

19 Mar 2023
São Paulo (Brazil)

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Maria Fernanda Hilton
Maria Fernanda Hilton [photo:]

Maria was shot in the street by a man who approached her while she was working.

A trans woman was shot dead on Avenida Amador Aguiar, located in Jaraguá, a neighborhood in the North Zone of São Paulo, in the early hours of last Sunday (19). According to the case record, military police were called to respond to an occurrence of firearm shots and found the victim dead on a trail near the avenue.

People close to Maria Fernanda Hilton, 32 years old, told g1 that she worked as a [sex worker] at a point in the area. She was Venezuelan and had been in Brazil for five years, two of them in the Jaraguá region.

The woman was shot three times, according to the SP Civil Police report: one in the jaw and two in the leg. According to people close to the trans woman, a customer had approached her on the spot and left after talking. Moments later, the man returned with a gun and fired in the direction of Maria Fernanda.

Maria Fernanda had not reported threats to those close to her before becoming a victim of the crime. They believe she was the victim of femicide.

Friends are trying to raise money so that Maria can be buried in her homeland.

Friends are now trying to raise money to release the body from the IML (Legal Medical Institute) and take it to Ciudad Bolívar, in Venezuela, her homeland. The cost would be close to R$ 20 thousand. "We want to at least hold a wake, bury her, and we're out of [financial] conditions. We're looking for someone to help," says a friend, on condition of anonymity.

According to the police, initially they did not find any suspects in the crime at the scene. Later, they received information that a man had jumped over the wall of a condominium after the noise of the shots.

The Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo, administered by Secretary Guilherme Derrite in the government of Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), stated that the case was registered as a homicide in the 72nd DP (Vila Penteado), responsible for the investigation.

According to the SSP, a 38-year-old man suspected of having committed the crime was interviewed and then released. The police officers learned from him a 9mm caliber pistol, kept inside a wardrobe and whose documentation would be regularized. In the report, the arrested man declared that he was attacked by the military police during the approach.

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