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Age 24

28 Mar 2023
Saint-Étienne, Loire (France)


Roz died by suicide, allegedly shortly after being raped by a volunteer at a performance venue named La Clapier.

[Editor's Note: some reports name the victim as Rose; but according to TDoR France 2023 her name was Roz.]

After the suicide of a young trans woman on March 28 in Saint-Étienne, messages made the link between her death and the rape allegedly committed by a volunteer from the association which manages the Clapier. Accused by name, this man disputes the accusations and filed two complaints for defamation and assault.

Since the end of March, messages on social networks and posters posted in Saint-Étienne accuse of rape a volunteer from the association which manages the cultural venue and performance hall "Le Clapier". The person concerned contests these accusations and announces that he filed a complaint on April 11 for defamation and assault. The Saint-Etienne public prosecutor's office opened two investigations, one for rape and the other into the prison inmates allegedly suffered by this man.

At the origin of this case, there was the suicide of a young 24-year-old trans woman. Her name was Rose, and she ended her life on March 28: she was found hanging in her home. A few days later, messages on social networks, as well as posters in Saint-Étienne and leaflets, made the link between her death and the rape she allegedly suffered shortly before, committed by a volunteer from the Hutch. They give this man's first name and a photo.

On April 11, the person concerned published a message on Facebook, in which he “totally” contested these accusations. He added that he had filed two complaints, “for defamation, assault, theft during a meeting and damage”. In a press release published four days earlier, his association announced the withdrawal, decided unanimously.

The Saint-Étienne public prosecutor's office therefore opened two investigations: the first into the rape of Rose, and the second into the reprisals against this volunteer. The investigations are continuing their course this Monday, April 17, explains the Saint-Etienne public prosecutor.

To these files should be added the complaints that the owner of Le Clapier intends to file. His room has since suffered a break-in attempt, tags and stickers, he explains. In addition to these legal procedures, he explains that he is in the process of ending the rental of his room to this association, with no solution for the moment for the future of the place.

Source: TDoR France 2023

Report added: 4 Dec 2023. Last updated: 3 Jan 2024

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