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Dania Sharith Polo Solórzano

12 May 2023
El Carmen de Bolívar (Colombia)

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Dania Sharith Polo Solórzano
Dania Sharith Polo Solórzano [photo:]

Dania was a prominent LGBT+ community leader. She died in hospital 12 days after being shot in her home by two gunmen who arrived on a motorcycle.

In the municipality of El Carmen de Bolívar there is pain over the murder of Dania Sharith Polo, a transgender woman known as 'la Pola'.

At first it was said that the victim was with friends in a nightclub in the Las Palmas neighborhood when subjects on a motorcycle appeared and shot her. But her relatives confirmed that she was at her house when the gunshot attack occurred at 7 pm on April 30.

The victim was taken to the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Carmen, but due to the seriousness of the bullets, she was sent to a clinic in Sincelejo where she died in the early hours of this Friday, May 12. She was in the ICU for twelve days. The Police investigate to establish the motives of the crime.

'La Pola' was the leader of the Lgbtiq+ community in the municipality, organizing events and initiatives that sought to defend the rights of its members. The Affirmative Caribbean Organization ruled on the fact. "Loving, collaborative, creative, innovative and powerful: this was the leader whose life was snuffed out by violence in the Montes de María, against which we continue to demand forceful action by the State," the statement said.

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