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Sarita Pinheiro de Oliveira

18 May 2023
Macapá, Amapá (Brazil)

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Sarita Pinheiro de Oliveira
Sarita Pinheiro de Oliveira [photo:]

Sarita was found dead in a residence, which appeared to have been robbed.

A 43-year-old [trans woman] was found dead with signs of violence, late this Thursday afternoon (18), in Bairro Ipê, in the northern part of Macapá.

The body of [deadname] Oliveira Pinheiro, Sarita, as she was known and liked to be called, had a head injury and was already stiff when she was found by family members in the kitchen of the house where she lived.

Initially, Police Chief Paulo Roberto, from the Homicide Police Station, ruled out the possibility of execution and started to treat the case as robbery – theft that ended in the victim's death. The preliminary report of expertise points out that the crime may have occurred the night before.

Sarita lived alone, the investigation found that she used to receive visitors to play video games and that the door of her house was padlocked when family members arrived and noticed that some of the victim's assets were missing, such as a cell phone, jewelry and a television.

Neighbors reported hearing screams the night before, but it was raining at the time and it was not possible to know where they came from.

Paulo Roberto also said that there were no signs of struggle inside the residence, but the victim's room was in disarray, as if someone was looking for something to take.

“Whoever was with him came out and slammed the lock on the door. Now we're going in search of security camera footage to try to find out who took these objects ", scored the delegate.

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