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Age 14 (born 10 May 2009)

24 May 2023
Stockholm (Sweden)

Molly [photo:]

Molly died by suicide while waiting to receive gender affirming care. When she passed away she had been waiting for an appointment for over 18 months.

Molly was born a boy, but already at the age of ten she started to feel like a girl. The family sought help but had to wait over 1.5 years in the care queue. Finally, Molly couldn't wait any longer.

During the summer break between third and fourth grade, Molly began to feel unwell. She withdrew and was not as eager to spend time with her family anymore. After the summer, she started fourth grade. But Molly still felt just as bad. She got into conflicts with her classmates and began to dislike school.

It would take another year before [her parents] finally found out what was behind Molly's deteriorating condition. Molly told the school counselor that she actually feels like a girl. She asked him to tell her parents.

At first, the family thought it was a phase, that she would change after a while. But a few months later, when Molly bought girls' clothes and chose her new name "Molly", the parents understood that this was real.

In the spring of 2021, Molly started having suicidal thoughts. The family sought care and had to join the queue for child and youth psychiatry, BUP. Almost six months later, Molly finally got an appointment.

Molly still had to see the counselor a few times before she would receive a referral to BUP Gender incongruence and gender dysphoria, KID. But the referral was missed and not sent until three months later.

In February 2022, Molly was put in the queue for KID. 15 months later, on May 30, 2023, she would have her first visit there.

During the time Molly was in the queue for KID, she had various care contacts. She had conversations with a psychologist at the health center, one at the Children and Youth Center (BUMM) and conversations with the counselor at school. But after her first suicide attempt, the family was referred to BUP. She was transferred there and all care contact would be coordinated through them.

Three months later, she got an appointment at BUP. She was prescribed antidepressants. The treatment was followed up by a telephone call and a visit with a nurse at BUP.

After a suicide attempt in early May, the family called for a suicide assessment. Molly was called in by BUP for an assessment, but it was already too late.

On May 10, Molly turned 14. But just two weeks later she ended her life – she never made it to KID.

Molly's mum described her as "social, resourceful, happy and very driven" and said "she wanted to be many different things. Pilot, policeman and brain surgeon. The last time she said "mother, I want to save lives"".

Sadly, she never got to unlock all of that potential.

"She didn't want to get older. She didn't want to develop into a boy. That was what everything revolved around. She felt bad when she changed, when she showered. Every time she saw the body she didn't want".

[Editor's Note: The location given in this report is estimated based upon the available information. This page will be updated if new information comes to light]

Report added: 9 Oct 2023. Last updated: 17 Oct 2023

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