TDoR 2023 / 2023 / June / 13 / Michelly/Michely Moreira

Michelly/Michely Moreira

Age 45

13 Jun 2023
Ribeirão Bonito, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Michelly/Michely Moreira
Michelly/Michely Moreira [photo:]

Michelly was beaten to death in the street.

A homicide marked the beginning of the morning of this Tuesday, 13, when [deadname] Bonani, 45 years old, who adopted the social name of Michelly Moreira, was killed with clubs on Rua João GP Ferraz, in Jardim Helena, in Ribeirão Bonito. The crime allegedly took place around 1:37 am.

A neighbor saw the body lying in the middle of the street and called the Military Police who, upon arriving at the scene, witnessed the first assistance given by rescuers, who went to the city hospital.

Professionals who assisted the victim noticed that her face was bloodied and she had injuries to the left leg and hands, which showed indications that they may be fractured.

It is also reported that the victim's body was naked from the waist down and the PMs, in search of information, learned this from a security guard who had seen the victim still alive and screaming for help. The possible murder weapon was not located nearby.

Four suspects - two men and two teenagers were subsequently arrested. They were all involved in drug trafficking.

With the support of police officers from the Sectional Police Station and the Municipal Guard Kennel of São Carlos, this Thursday (06) the Investigations and Captures Sector of the Police Station of Ribeirão Bonito arrested two men and two teenagers involved in the death of trans woman Michele Moreira in Ribeirão Bonito on June 13.

The homicide shocked the region: the trans [woman] was killed with bricks and one of those involved, a minor who was already wanted on account of a warrant for the search and seizure of drugs, was apprehended. The teenager was brought to Araraquara, where he was taken to Fundação Casa.

In addition to the teenager who is being held at Fundação Casa de Araraquara, the other was released to his parents in Ribeirão Bonito; the two adults were taken to the São Carlos Triage Center, awaiting a court decision.

Report added: 15 Jun 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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