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Priya Banglamukhi

2 Jul 2023
Gopalganj, Bihar (India)
Throat cut

Priya Banglamukhi
Priya Banglamukhi [photo:]

Priya was killed by her ex-boyfriend.

Angered by the break in the love relationship, it was the lover who killed the [trans woman] by slitting her throat with a knife. This has been revealed by the main accused arrested in the Kinnar murder case and her lover during police interrogation. In the case of murder of Kinnar Priya, SIT has arrested her lover and resident of Kawe village of Bhore police station, Mannu Kumar Sah. The SIT has also recovered the knife used during the crime, a bike, two mobile phones of the deceased and the accused and two Aadhar cards from the arrested accused.

According to the information received from the police, [trans woman] Priya had gone to a birthday party program in Kave village of Bhore police station about three years ago. The program went on till late night till around 1 am. Where Mannu Kumar Sah had gone with his friends to watch the program. When the program ended late at night, [trans woman] Priya gave her mobile number to Mannu. After this both of them started talking to each other. Then the round of meetings also started. Both of them were in love for about two years.

After this Mannu went to Bangalore to work. After a year, when he came home, Mannu broke the relationship after coming in contact with someone else. Mannu told during police interrogation that [Praiya] had even threatened to kill him several times. Before she could commit any crime, Mannu killed her by slitting her throat with a knife.

Report added: 4 Dec 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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