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Grazyele Junqueiro

Age 38

10 Jul 2023
Santana do Ipanema, Alagoas (Brazil)

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Grazyele Junqueiro
Grazyele Junqueiro [photo:]

Grazy died in hospital a week after being beaten in her home.

The trans woman Grazi, aged 38, could not resist her injuries and died this Monday (10), at the Hospital de EmergĂȘncia do Agreste (HEA), in Arapiraca. A week ago, she was beaten inside her house, in Santana do Ipanema, a motivated crime, according to the police, because of a debt of R$900.

According to information from the Scientific Police, a team from the Legal Medical Institute of Arapiraca (IML) was called in around 12 noon today to collect the victim's body from the hospital. The victim's brother confirmed to Gazetaweb that Grazy died at 9:47 am today and that he and his sisters are in Arapiraca to arrange for the release of the body.

Two suspects in the crime have already been arrested by the Civil Police of Alagoas (PC/AL). The first was Kayque Silva dos Santos, who was found with the victim's cell phone. Genilson de Melo Viana, 30, the second accused of the attacks, said in a statement that he was called by Kayque to collect the victim's debt. In the end, he would receive R$ 100 for the service.

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