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Elena Esther Adem

11 Jul 2023
Dallas, Texas (USA)
Not reported

Elena Esther Adem
Elena Esther Adem [photo:]

Elena's body was found in July and initially listed as unclaimed on NamUS. There is no information on her cause of death or the circumstances of her life.

From Dallas, the body of a person who seems to be a transwoman or otherwise in the transgender community was discovered in July. Her photo was listed with the name Elena Esther Adem. A few days later, her body was claimed and everything disappeared. There’s no word at all on what became of her much less what happened to her before she died.

Trans Doe Task Force researchers state that Elena’s posting identified her as a male. Her name is feminized. They had reason to believe she was Ethiopian or Ethiopian-American.

Report added: 14 Oct 2023. Last updated: 25 Oct 2023

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