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Cláudia da Costa

Age 52

18 Jul 2023
Ipatinga, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Cláudia da Costa
Cláudia da Costa [photo:]

Cláudia was one of two women shot in a bar by an assailant who escaped on a motorcyle. The other victim, a 58 year-old cisgender woman, survived.

On the night of this Tuesday (18), the Military Police went to Rua Serra do Mar, in the Jardim Panorama neighborhood, in Ipatinga, where there was a completed homicide and a bodily injury resulting from firearm shots. The attack resulted in the death of a 52-year-old trans woman, who leaned back in her bar chair after being shot and had bleeding from her head. The second victim, a 58-year-old woman, was upright and conscious despite being shot twice.

Faced with the situation, the military isolated the place and began the steps. SAMU was called in and rescued the 58-year-old woman, who was taken to Márcio Cunha hospital.

According to the survivor's report, she claimed that she arrived at the scene of the fact, greeted the trans woman and sat on the bar chair, and moments later, a motorcycle pulled over on the other side of the street, at which time the passenger got out of the vehicle and began to shoot. When she realized she was hit, she ran into the bar. She further said that after the victim was shot, the offender approached and fired another shot in her head.

A witness confirmed that the victims were at a table outside the bar drinking alcohol when a motorcycle coming from the BR-381 approached and stopped near the bar. The passenger got off the motorcycle, went towards the trans woman and shot her several times. Then, he returned to the motorcycle and escaped together with the driver towards Avenida JK.

A 28 year-old man was subsequently arrested on suspicion of ordering her murder.,327067/travesti-morre-baleada-por-motociclista-em-bar-de-ipatinga.shtml

Report added: 30 Jul 2023. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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