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Jean Thomas Butchart

Age 26

4 Aug 2023
Belleville, Michigan (USA)

Jean Thomas Butchart
Jean Thomas Butchart [photo:]

Jean was shot at point blank range in the head. His killer then also attacked two other people.

Matthew Torrey Tiggs, 22, is charged in a crime spree that began in the Van Buren Estates mobile home park. He is accused in the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old person; the non-fatal shooting of a 47-year-old man; and the assault of a 45-year-old man, all of Van Buren Township.

The victim’s name was clarified by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Thursday. After first using a name given to the person at birth, officials in a release issued Thursday afternoon stated the dead man’s name was Jean Butchart. This came after numerous loved ones representing the family contacted The Macomb Daily to say he was a transgender male who identified as Jean and was in the process of legally changing his name when he died. An obituary published on the Nie Family Funeral Home of Ann Arbor’s website Wednesday said he was part of a family with two sisters and was working toward a career in education.

Jean had two sisters and had completed an Environmental Studies BS and was working professionally in managing water. His obituary reads that “His love of the natural world extended to a love of camping, foraging, gardening, and mushroom-hunting, earning him the affectionate nickname “Nature Boy” among his many friends.” Recently, Jean was planning to return to school to earn a degree in science education.

In any case, Jean’s death just recently came to attention of those who track the lists. It was heartening to read that his friends and family advocated so strongly for him in the media reporting. One imagines he was surrounded by loving and accepting support system while he lived as well. Jean’s mother, Amy Butchart, described him as “a well-loved person and unofficial leader in the local trans community.” Note that the media reports use Jean Thomas’ name assigned at birth and misgender him.

Jean Thomas’ was shot at point blank range in his head. The murderer fired the weapon multiple times. And then [attempted] other murders.

Matthew Torrey Tiggs Jr., 22, was subsequently arrested and charged.

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