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Karina Gómez

6 Aug 2023
Villahermosa, Tabasco (Mexico)

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Karina Gómez
Karina Gómez [photo:]

Karina's body was found in the Carrizal river with a concrete block tied to her feet. Her abusive partner is suspected to have been responsible for her murder.

Sitting on the threshold of her humble abode, with the photograph of her beloved 'Karina' resting on her lap, Doña Oralia struggled to contain the break in her voice as her eyes filled with tears, crying out for the justice that her 'daughter' . Last Sunday, [deadname] Gómez was found submerged in the dark waters of the Rio Carrizal with a concrete block tied to her feet.

“My [daughter] did not hurt anyone, many here in the neighborhood appreciated [her], [she] always got along with everyone. It's not fair that [she] was snatched like this and the ruthless killer walks free as if nothing ever happened.”, exclaimed Doña Oralia with unwavering firmness in her words.

[Karina]'s lifeless body was found lifeless in the cold waters of the river. The State Attorney General's Office determined that her death was the result of acute hemorrhage caused by the rupture of the right renal artery, the consequence of a savage beating.

For the seventy-year-old woman, there are no doubts about the identity of the murderer of whom she considers her own daughter. "It was hell that my girl lived next to him, the money that she earned with her efforts, cleaning other people's homes, he took from her," Doña Oralia confessed.

“On one occasion, he knocked out her teeth, leaving Karina with a crippled smile. In another a brutal fist closed her eye, depriving her of vision on that side. I never understood why she didn't abandon him, ”the woman whispered through tears, clinging to the image of her lost daughter of hers.

Friends and family say they last saw Karina sitting on Inocente Vázquez street, in the José María Pino Suárez neighborhood, in the company of Pedro 'N'. At dawn the next day, she was found in the Rio Carrizal.

“We demand only justice. I know that my daughter cannot return, but her death must not go unpunished. Dona Oralia declared between heartbreaking sobs, a heartbroken mother fighting for the memory of her beloved 'Karina'.

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