TDoR 2023 / 2023 / August / 31 / Tree Crane

Tree Crane

Age 17-18

31 Aug 2023
South Jordan, Utah (USA)

Tree Crane
Tree Crane [photo:]

Tree died by suicide.

my heart is so broken. my entire world just got flipped upside down.

i miss you. i miss your laugh. i miss your humor. i miss talking to you everyday, telling you my every thought. i miss spending every moment with you. i miss you being my personal uber driver. i miss you taking me places i would’ve never went to on my own. i miss you being smarter than me. i miss you making me mad. god, i’d do anything to be mad or annoyed with you again because that would be better than this. i wish i could’ve saved you the same way you saved me numerous times. there is no doubt that i failed you. i miss our friendship.

wherever you went, i hope you’re happier there. and i hope you don’t regret a thing. if this had to happen, i hope you are at least at peace now.

i love you Tree. It’s your world now.

Trans Health Care Is Suicide Prevention.

Tree's Facebook profile is

Report added: 9 Oct 2023

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