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Éber Albarrán ("Ever")

2 Sep 2023
Los Ángeles, Bío Bío (Chile)
Killed and dismembered

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Éber Albarrán ("Ever")
Éber Albarrán ("Ever") [photo:]

Éber's dismembered body was found on Saturday 2nd September 2023. His killer was arrested.

A trans man who had been missing since the previous Thursday, É.AO, was murdered by a “friend”, a subject identified with the initials OACA (32) who dismembered the victims into three parts that were abandoned in different parts of Los Angeles. , which is why the Homosexual Integration and Liberation Movement (Movilh) today requested the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior.

The murderer confessed to the crime after a camera located in the 2 de Septiembre neighborhood of Los Angeles captured him leaving a bag on a street. It was a backpack with two human legs that a neighbor found on Lynch Street last Saturday, two days after the family reported an alleged misfortune.

“My cousin, Éber, was lost, his closest friends and family had been looking for him since Thursday when he went shopping with the guy who took his life, his friend. They did not have a relationship, nor was he his partner,” the victim's cousin told Movilh.

He added that my cousin “was cruelly murdered by a man who decided on his fate.”

Report added: 4 Sep 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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