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Sofia Pereira Santos

Age 18

29 Sep 2023
Covilhã, Centro (Portugal)

Sofia Pereira Santos
Sofia Pereira Santos [photo:]

Sofia was a 1st year computer engineering student. She died by suicide in her residence at university.

The young 18-year-old student who was found dead in her residence at the University of Beira Interior, on September 29th, in a suicide scenario, was in the process of changing her gender and had already managed to change her name.

Sofia Pereira Santos lived in Bairro, municipality of Ourém, where from a young age she felt like a girl. But the inner conflict of someone who does not identify with the gender she was born with and the pressure of the gender transition process may have precipitated the end of her life.

She was a 1st year computer engineering student and at the beginning of the academic year she was found dead by a roommate.

Regarding the death of the young transgender student, clinical psychologist Joana Calado , from Ourém, published a text that was read during the funeral, shared by several people on social media and which raises a reflection on transsexuality.

“Sofia left because she couldn't bear the pain of being born different. Sofia is an example of many Sofias who suffer in silence, misunderstood and almost abandoned by society. The wonderful family where she was born was worth it.

Transsexuality is not a mania, it is not an illness. Transsexuality still occurs in the mother's womb, where when the fetus is formed there is a communication failure between the brain and the identity of the genitals. More specifically, Sofia's brain, still in her mother's womb, gave her a female identity, her body failed and made her a boy.

It was 18 years of feeling like a girl, seeing herself as a girl and looking in the mirror with pain and unimaginable suffering.

Sofia began her gender change process, started treatments, managed to change her name, always hand in hand with her family and the people who loved her most.

But unfortunately, Sofia almost fulfilled a destiny that is set for all these people who, unfortunately, are born this way and cannot bear the pain of what the mirror shows them. Sofia, like many transgender people, ended her life. It is important that we look at this, it is important that we be aware, this is not a mania, this is not a mental illness. This is life. Our life is the life of those we love. If we can all look at these people with more love, we can avoid this end for many Sofias who are out there in hiding, ashamed and in pain.

Sofia, you were for everyone who deprived you of supreme intelligence, unconditional love and the most beautiful smile that we will keep forever in the most beautiful place of all of us.

Report added: 9 Oct 2023

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