TDoR 2024 / 2023 / October / 07 / Tainá de Souza Rodrigues ("Katarina")

Tainá de Souza Rodrigues ("Katarina")

Age 21

7 Oct 2023
Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará (Brazil)

Tainá de Souza Rodrigues ("Katarina")
Tainá de Souza Rodrigues ("Katarina") [photo:]

Tainá was shot in the early hours of the morning by a man who had argued with her in a bar shortly beforehand.

A trans woman was murdered in the early hours of this Saturday (07) inJuazeiro do Norte. According to the Military Police, [deadname] de Souza Neto, whose social name was “Katarina“, lost her life after being shot.

Preliminary information indicates that “Katarina” may have been a victim of transfeminicide. At around 4 am, the victim was in one of the bars close to Praça do Giradouro, in the Triângulo neighborhood, where the suspect was also present, a short, dark-skinned, bearded man, who was riding a white Bros model motorcycle with details. reds.

Shortly afterwards, they left the place and went to the square, where they began to argue. According to witnesses, shots were heard being fired. “Katarina” was hit in the armpit and back, dying at the scene. Authorities are analyzing images from security cameras near the crime scene in an attempt to identify the suspect.

Report added: 17 Oct 2023. Last updated: 29 Oct 2023

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