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Valentina Reis Rodrigues ("Fabinha")

Age 37

16 Oct 2023
Belford Roxo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Valentina Reis Rodrigues ("Fabinha")
Valentina Reis Rodrigues ("Fabinha") [photo:]

Valentina died a day after being beaten by two men - one of whom was reportedly a military police officer - after she allegedly stole a feminine care product.

Nail designer Valentina Reis Rodrigues, known as Fabinha, aged 37, died this Monday, one day after being beaten by two men — one of them was a military police officer, according to witnesses — who went to her home, in Xavantes neighborhood, in Belford Roxo, in Baixada Fluminense. According to relatives, the killers are linked to security guards at a market in the region where the victim, a trans woman, stole soap on the 11th.

According to [a relative], the nail designer was sitting in front of the gate of the neighboring house, where a child's 3rd birthday was taking place. The two men reportedly said that "the boss" had ordered them to go to the location and one of them said: "We really came to kill."

"It happened in front of everyone. There were children there. My 10-year-old grandson even fainted," said the seamstress.

The nail designer's death shocked her friends and had repercussions on social media. Posts call for the arrest of the suspects. “They took the life of a trans person because of transphobia,” says one of them.

Another says that "one mistake does not justify the other": "They caught Fabinha and beat her so much that she ended up in a coma in the hospital and became brain dead, all because of a soap, one mistake does not justify the other. Fabinha committed the crime of theft, but what these community heroes committed was even worse: murder, torture and transphobia."

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