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Lisa Love Turman

Age 35

17 Oct 2023
Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Lisa Love Turman
Lisa Love Turman [photo:]

Lisa was shot in the chest and back while walking home. Her family believe she was targetted because she was trans.

CHICAGO — A South Side family is seeking justice following the shooting death of their loved one.

Family members told WGN News they believe the shooting was targeted due to [deadname] Lisa Turman identifying as transgender.

“An all-around good person who did not deserve this,” said Donna, a cousin of Turman, during a phone interview with WGN News. “A loving, caring, free-spirited person. Always smiling and laughing.”

According to police, around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, the 35-year-old was shot in the chest and back near 79th St. and Cottage Grove Ave. Loved ones said Turman was walking home after leaving a friend’s house.

“A car just drove up, made a U-turn and (saw) my cousin,” Donna said. “Approximately 30 seconds later, the car stopped and my cousin was shot.”

According to family members, several neighbors knew that Turman identified as transgender. Now, they intend to get justice.

“Why would this happen?” Turman’s cousin asked. “Why would someone think they could take someone else’s life?”

Lisa's Facebook profile is

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