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Naomi McNew

30 Oct 2023
Kokomo, Indiana (USA)

Naomi McNew

Naomi died by suicide.

[Deadname]/Naomi was a committed and avid gamer. They were also a magically talented artist and graphic designer, creating unbelievable beauty from the age of 5. They had a penchant for the cheesiest of “B” movies, musicals, and show tunes. And it must be said, a lifelong, totally devoted Star Wars fan.

They also were a whiz at impressions, and a rock star at one liners.

[Deadname]/Naomi loved their pets as if they were siblings. They enjoyed their weekend breakfast tradition with Dad, and shopping, manicure, lunch trips with Mom. They loved their job at Disc Replay, the perfect place for them.

They will be missed immensely by all who loved them so dearly.

Editor's Note: although Naomi's obituary uses they/the pronouns, friends seem to exclusively use she/her. The photo of her on her obituary has not been included on this page as it may be that of her deadself.

Report added: 5 Nov 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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