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Age 23

1 Nov 2023
Timóteo, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Rafael [photo:]

Rafael was found shot dead in a neighbour's garage. According to police, the victim was being threatened by a neighbour, who was arrested.

A trans man was found dead in the garage of a house in the Novo Tempo neighborhood, in Timóteo, in the Vale do Aço region (MG), this Wednesday (1st). According to the Military Police, the victim, known as Rafael, aged 23, was being threatened by a neighbor. The suspect was arrested.

The owner of the house said he was sleeping in the back bedroom and did not hear the crime. When he woke up, he opened the door to leave the house and came across Rafael's body. After the discovery, he called the police.

According to Lieutenant Silvino, from the Timóteo Military Police, Rafael had been receiving threats from Rodrigo da Silva Campos, 36 years old, who lived in the same housing complex as him. "In recent weeks, the two have had friction. The author began to threaten Rafael and said he was going to send him and his family away from the condominium. In fact, Rafael even moved out of there and went to live with his girlfriend in another place, but in the same neighborhood. Today, the perpetrator managed to fire a few shots and the victim jumped over the wall of another house to try to escape," said the soldier.

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