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María Paula Rodríguez ("Cristal")

Age 26

8 Nov 2023
Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

María Paula Rodríguez ("Cristal")
María Paula Rodríguez ("Cristal") [photo:]

María's body was found wrapped in sheets in a hotel. She had been stabbed several times.

A tragic event has shaken the community of El Guamo and the LGTBI community in general, upon hearing the news of the death of María Paula Rodríguez, affectionately known as "Cristal". María Paula, an active member of the LGTBI community and originally from the Chontaduro village in El Guamo, was found dead in the city of Bogotá, in circumstances which are being investigated by the authorities.

The news of her loss has plunged his native community into a deep state of sadness and dismay. Messages of condolence and support have been sent to her grieving mother, who is facing a time of indescribable pain.

María Paula Rodríguez was a young woman who left a deep mark on the lives of her loved ones and on the LGTBI community. Her tragic departure has left a void impossible to fill and has generated a wave of grief among her friends, family and colleagues.

While authorities work tirelessly to shed light on the circumstances surrounding her death, the LGTBI community and those who knew María Paula remember her with affection and gratitude for her contribution to the fight for equality and the rights of the community.

The LGTBI community hopes that justice will be done in the case of María Paula Rodríguez and reiterates its commitment to the fight against discrimination and violence that affects this community.

In this moment of pain, from Ecos del Combeima we send wishes of peace and comfort to the loved ones of María Paula Rodríguez, 'Cristal'.

Maria's Facebook profile is

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