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Bianca Arreaga

9 Nov 2023
Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

Bianca Arreaga
Bianca Arreaga [photo:]

Bianca was murdered. No other details are known.

MOURNING NOTE: With deep sadness we report the unfortunate death of Bianca Arreaga, Trans woman whose light was extinguished by an atrocious act of violence, we unite in solidarity and call for justice. Bianca's departure leaves an irreplaceable vacuum, reminding us of the urgency of protecting those who are most vulnerable due to their gender identity.

In this month dedicated to the elimination of violence against women, we strongly call on the Guatemalan government to take strong action. It's time to implement a gender identity law that protects the rights of Trans people and promotes their full recognition in society.

We extend our deepest condolences to Bianca's family, friends and loved ones. Today her memory will be a constant reminder of the need to work together for a world where all people, regardless of their gender identity, live free from violence and discrimination. #NiUnaMasNiUnaMenos 🕊🖤

Bianca's Facebook profile is

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