TDoR 2024 / 2023 / November / 09 / Mikael


Age 24

9 Nov 2023
São José dos Pinhais, Paraná (Brazil)


Mikael was shot in front of his friends by two assailants on a bicycle.

A young man (a trans [man] who called himself male) aged 24 was killed in front of some friends on Thursday night (9). The crime took place on Rua Vitório Juliatto, in the Parque da Fonte neighborhood, in São José dos Pinhais, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (RMC).

The Banda B report found that the victim had gone to a school to meet some friends who were returning from class. They were together when the shooters arrived.

“They were walking down the street, the victim with his friends, when two individuals arrived on a bicycle wearing hoods. They asked the girls to get away from him and started shooting. Approximately 4 shots were heard, which hit the victim” - said municipal guard Jacomel.

Mikael fell dead, with no chance of even receiving first aid. The shooters fled and the Civil Police are investigating the motive for the crime. (Band B).

Report added: 12 Nov 2023. Last updated: 26 Nov 2023

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