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12 Nov 2023
Barra de São Francisco, Espírito Santo (Brazil)

Doroty [photo:]

Doroty died in a police cell. Her death was registered as a suicide.

A [trans woman] from Francisco [deadname] de Sampaio known as “Doroty”, was found dead this Sunday morning, November 12, 2023, inside a cell in Barra de São Francisco Police Station.

According to information, [deadname] was in a bar (Lúcia's bar) on Sunday morning, when she got involved in a disturbance with a man. [Deadname] was detained by municipal guards and taken to the police station.

The guards were interviewed by the police and then [deadname] was also to be interviewed, but she was already found dead.

According to information obtained by SiteBarra, the case was registered as a suicide.

Report added: 17 Nov 2023. Last updated: 9 Dec 2023

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