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Chenoa Vázquez

13 Nov 2023
Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, San Luis Potosí (Mexico)
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Chenoa Vázquez
Chenoa Vázquez [photo:]

Chenoa was found dead several days after going missing on Tuesday 7th November.

This Monday, November 13, family and friends confirmed the death of Chenoa Vázquez through social network posts. Chenoa was a trans woman from Potosí who had been reported missing since the last time she was seen was in the housing unit on November 7.

So far, state authorities have not issued information in this regard and her family and friends have not made known the causes of Chenoa's death; however, they have expressed outrage about hate crimes against people from the LGBT+ community in the country. country.

During the search process, the LGBTTTIQAP+ community condemned the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) for issuing a search file for the young woman with her [deadname] and male photographs, which did not identify her.

This death was announced on the same day that the murder of Judge Ociel Baena in Aguascalientes was announced.

Chenoa's Facebook profile is


Report added: 27 Dec 2023

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