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Kejuan Richardson

Age 21

14 Nov 2023
Toledo, Ohio (USA)

Kejuan Richardson
Kejuan Richardson [photo:]

Kejuan and their best friend Amiri Jean Reid were shot dead by another car driver. Police officers found their crashed vehicle with the front window shot out.

Gun violence in Toledo claimed the lives of a Black trans woman and a gender nonconforming gay Black man, both age 21. They were best friends, killed by gunfire in the same incident.

Two adults were taken to the hospital in critical condition after a shooting around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. A press release from the Toledo Police Department said Kejaun Richardson and Amiri Jean Reid, both 21, were shot and killed Tuesday evening.

According to the press release, officers were dispatched to the area of Rosedale and Bluff. When officers arrived, they found the victims each suffering from gunshot wounds. The coroner’s office report said an autopsy found Reid died from two gunshot wounds to the head and Richardson died from two gunshot wounds to the head and neck.

Police at the scene were searching a vehicle that appeared to have run off the road and had a window shot out.

Without a doubt, it is absolutely heartbreaking to have this tremendous loss just hours from my hometown in Pittsburgh. So young, so young.

Above all, it breaks my heart even more so to realize that our dedicated efforts to #ProtectTransKids fall woefully short. Obviously, we are literally not succeeding. In addition, trans affirming policies in just 30 out of 500 Pennsylvania school districts, the end of our Pittsburgh based #ProtectTransKids project, the horrific number of youth dying by suicide, and the vile spewings that pass for political rhetoric every day.

But Amiri and KeJuan were in a car, not a school. They were both shot multiple times by another driver. There’s nothing romantic or comforting that they died together. They were shot, wrecked their car, probably dazed and scared and maybe knowing they were going to die. One hopes people find small comforts in these moments to ease their fear. But that’s more likely to comfort us.

They died at age 21 while driving around their hometown. Without a doubt, they should have been safe. They should not have been statistically more at risk doing that than any other young people.

Kejuan Richardson, 21, was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. He went to Woodward High School. He’s been working for KFC since 2018. He liked The Avengers movies, basketball, and supporting local businesses, especially restaurants. Kejuan was a gay Black gender nonconforming person, much beloved by friends and family.

Amiri Jean Richardson was also 21 and identified as a Black trans woman. Amari had a ribald sense of humor enjoying word play and a positive . She also shared experiences of transphobia in her social media feed. She followed boxing and popular musicians.

Rest in power, Amiri and KeJuan. Thank you for the love and laughter you brought to this world. The grief of your friends demonstrates the impact you had on people around you, their tears a torrent of our sadness over your deaths. You both deserved so many more years to grow into your adult lives. I am sorry we failed to create a safer world for you.

May your memories be a revolution.

Report added: 22 Nov 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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