TDoR 2024 / 2023 / November / 15 / Valentina Guedes

Valentina Guedes

Age 21

15 Nov 2023
Agudos do Sul, Paraná (Brazil)

Valentina Guedes
Valentina Guedes [photo:]

Valentina was shot in the nightclub where she worked by two assailants in what appears to have been a targeted execution.

A homicide was recorded around 6pm, this Wednesday, 15th, in a nightclub on the banks of PR 281, in the city of Agudos do Sul.

According to information, two men armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and a 9mm pistol entered the establishment and shot a [trans woman] who worked there.

The transsexual identified as Valentina did not survive her injuries and died at the scene. The military police were called and attempted to capture those involved, who had fled the scene of the crime.

The nightclub is the same one that suffered an arson attack some time ago. The victim's body was sent to the IML in Curitiba. The civil police investigate the case to discover the motivation for the crime.

Report added: 17 Nov 2023. Last updated: 28 Mar 2024

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