TDoR 2024 / 2023 / December / 01 / Eva


Age 28

1 Dec 2023
Azuay (Ecuador)
Not reported

Eva [photo:]

Eva's body was found in her home. She may have died violently.

~01.12.2023 (found 07.12.2023), Eva, 28yo, Azuay, Ecuador, possible violence

"On December 01, 2023, the owner of the property where Eva lived, had approached to collect the rent, but had not found her. Because she was not responding to messages or calls, on December 07, 2023, he approached the apartment, finding the door ajar (without having been forced).

Before entering he smelt odors characteristic of decomposition so he did not enter and left, returning to the scene with his wife and a phone so that he could record evidence; Eva was found in her bed in a state of decomposition in the supine position."

Report added: 22 Dec 2023. Last updated: 21 Jan 2024

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