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Name Unknown

Age 26

1 Dec 2023
Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones (Uruguay)
Beaten and shot

Name Unknown

The victim was beaten and shot by a group of people. Her identity was not reported.

A 26-year-old trans woman was murdered in the CabaƱitas settlement in Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones department. The crime occurred on Avenida Santa Elena corner Vientos del Exilio.

According to Telemundo, the young woman had a gunshot wound to the chest and had been hit by "three or four people" with a "blunt object," police sources reported.

The case is in the hands of the Homicide Department and Ciudad de la Costa prosecutor Sandra Fleitas.

The victim did not have a criminal record.

A 17 and a 14 year-old were subsequently arrested. The two teenagers were detained in care for 8 months, and a28-year-old man was subsequently arrested, convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A 26-year-old trans woman was murdered on December 1 in a settlement in El Pinar , Canelones. The woman was beaten and then shot. The second shift of the Ciudad de la Costa Prosecutor's Office, headed by Sandra Fleitas, investigated the case.

A 28-year-old man confessed to being the perpetrator of the homicide and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Furthermore, more than a month ago and after a series of raids in the area, two teenagers were arrested for having attacked the woman prior to her murder. One was charged with a crime of aggravated personal injury in real repetition and a crime of reception. The other, for a crime of aggravated personal injury. For both of them, it was decided that they would go to the National Institute of Adolescent Social Inclusion for eight months.

Prosecutor Fleitas ruled out considering the case as a transfemicide since the motive for the homicide was drug debt and not gender reasons.

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