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Paloma Amaral Silva

Age 34

6 Dec 2023
Teresina, Piauí (Brazil)

Paloma Amaral Silva
Paloma Amaral Silva [photo:]

Paloma was beaten to death in the centre of Teresina.

Paloma Amaral, 34 years old, was beaten to death with sticks to the head in the center of Teresina. The body was found by members of the public and taken to the Teresina Emergency Hospital (HUT). Two years ago, Paloma was the target of other crimes, when she was tortured, had her feet tied and placed in the trunk of a car. The crime gained repercussion for its cruelty.

According to Paloma had been at Casa do Caminho, a shelter that welcomes homeless people, in the center of Teresina for three months, when she left to go to Caps (Psychosocial Care Center) but did not return.

The aunt reported that Paloma was found with several blows to the head. She was admitted to the HUT last Wednesday, but it was only this Sunday (10) that the family identified her body, four days after the crime.

Marinalva Santana, from the Matizes group, said that Paloma always came to her asking for help and assuring her that she had stopped using drugs, after the death of her mother, who passed away around two months ago.

“She said she had promised on her mother's coffin that she wouldn't use drugs anymore and she was clean the last time I saw her, which was the 30th. She had asked me for help. I booked a dentist as she needed dental work and had gotten her some clothes. But I made an appointment with her and she didn't show up. I thought it was strange and called some people and found out that she was murdered”, said Marinalva.

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