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Jéssica Hadassa

Age 41

14 Dec 2023
Parintins, Amazonas (Brazil)

Jéssica Hadassa
Jéssica Hadassa [photo:]

Jéssica was shot after being accused of raping a 5 year old child. She was indigenous to the Sateré-Mawé people and reportedly had a mild case of Downs Syndrome.

Editor's Note: One subsequent but uncorroborated report, states that an investigation by authorities concluded that, countrary to earlier reports, Jéssica did in fact abuse the child. However, even if this were so it would not excuse Jéssica's murder - if she was guilty of such a heinous crime, she should have been tried, not murdered.]

The trans woman identified as Jessica Hadassa was shot to death on Thursday night (14). The crime took place in the municipality of Parintins, in the interior of Amazonas, hours after she was accused of raping a 5-year-old child.

The child is the daughter of a friend of Jessica's, with whom she was living in the Teixeirão neighborhood, in that city. She was reported by the child's mother, who went to the police station after arriving home and the child complaining of pain in the abdominal region.

The mother took the child to the hospital believing that her daughter had stomach pain, but the medical team detected bleeding in the victim's private parts.

Upon returning home, the child reportedly said he didn't want to go home anymore. The mother soon suspected that Jessica had raped the girl and reported her to the police.

Jessica was arrested, but denied the crime. The child was subjected to tests, but as the results did not indicate sexual abuse [Jessica] was released.

Hours later, Jessica was found dead on a road with four gunshots, one in the head and the rest in the neck and arms.

According to Assotram, in the last four years there have been 12 homicides, three attempted homicides and two crimes of transphobia. This year, five homicides against LGBT people were reported in Amazonas.

“Due to false information and no evidence, Jéssica Haddassa was killed. She was innocent and did no harm to anyone”, said the president of the Association of Gays, Lesbians and Transvestites of Parintins (AGLTPIN), Fernando de Souza Moraes. The trans woman enters the statistics as the seventeenth victim of transphobia in the State in the last four years, according to data from the Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders of the State of Amazonas (ASSOTRAM).

According to Fernando Moraes, in addition to being a trans woman, the victim was a Person with Disabilities (PwD) and indigenous.

“She had difficulty speaking our language and had a mild degree of Down Syndrome. I had known her for five years. For us, it wasn't a hate crime, what happened was a failure of justice,” said Moraes.

Report added: 21 Dec 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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