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Tere Fuenmayor

Age 48

22 Dec 2023
Maicao, La Guajira (Colombia)

Tere Fuenmayor
Tere Fuenmayor [photo:]

Terre was shot by an assassin at the door of her home.

A new homicide has shaken the society of the municipality of Maicao, after a foreigner who worked as a stylist and belonged to the LGBT community was murdered on the night of December 22.

The fatal victim was identified as [deadname] Fuenmayor, 48 years old and originally from Venezuela. She was shot at the door of her home and workplace, and died immediately.

Initial reports known to the authorities suggest that, a man approached [deadname], who was called 'Tere', at the door of the house and called her by her name. When she turned around, the perpetrator unholstered a pistol-type firearm and fired it repeatedly.

The unfortunate foreigner fell to the floor; while the murderer ran out and got on a black motorcycle that was waiting for him with the driver and the engine running, ready to flee in an unknown direction.

At that time, 8:30 at night, 'Tere' was doing the hair of a client when the bloody episode occurred. They say that the victim was shot more than 6 times, showing that the killing was vicious and premeditated.

Teresa, or "Tere" was a native of La Concepción, Jesús Enrique Lossada, Zulia state, where she lived and was recognized for her great work as a stylist, going so far as to create her own beauty studio. However, she emigrated a few years ago to the neighboring country seeking to improve her quality of life.

His family and friends, especially the LGBT community in Lossada, have regretted her killing and are awaiting the arrival of her remains to watch over her and give her a Christian burial in her hometown.

Report added: 27 Dec 2023. Last updated: 28 Dec 2023

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